Homes In Northamptonshire To Receive Central Heating For Free

We all know that buying a new central heating system is expensive therefore it is best to get your boiler repaired instead of replacing it instantly without professional recommendation. There is good news for homeowners in Northamptonshire without heating because around 1,400 houses can be installed with a new central heating system for free once the consortium spearheaded by Corby Council succeeds in campaigning for the funding bid with a budget of £4 million.

The cash is coming from Cadent which used to be called National Grid through its Warm Homes Fund. The beneficiaries will be homes considered to be fuel poor or those that currently do not have a central heating system installed in their properties.

The funding will be given to both homeowners of private residences and those who are living under social tenancy all over Northamptonshire. The project will last for three years starting from the approval of the bid.

Meanwhile in Corby, One Corby Policy Committee’s borough council’s members said that they are going to give an additional £75,000 coming from the home repair grant collection of the Corby Council along with cash from the grant fund of their local energy company. The additional funding will ensure that around 100 to 200 homes located within the borough will be fitted with a new central heating system.

Northants Warm Homes Partnership, seven boroughs and districts in Northamptonshire and its County Council came together to represent the bid for the funding. This is with the goal in mind of helping the residents lower the utility bills they are paying, reduce carbon emissions and to provide relief caused by fuel poverty.

To get their grant money, other councils have to make a decision about topping up the fund using money from their own collection.

Based on estimate, each unit of central heating will have an average price of £3,860. On average, every home can save as much as £1,400 annually with their fuel bills. For those who have existing central heating systems with issues, the council advised that you should get your boiler repaired instead of replacing in order to give way to those who do not have heating.