Honda Suprassed Hero Moto Corp In Being Number 1 In India

Honda Motorcycle, the major Japanese company known in manufacturing two-wheeler vehicles such as Honda motorbike, used to have a joint venture with Hero Group. It has been six years since the two companies went different ways. As of the moment, Honda Motorcycle along with Scooters India has reached the top spot all over different 15 states in India including the two union territories. In total, they account for 52 per cent of the entire domestic market of two-wheeler vehicles.

Honda has grabbed the position from Hero MotoCorp in major markets such as Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh as well as other states, this is according to the company.

Their rise to the number 1 spot was determined by the data found in FY-18 from the month of April until September. The figures were published by the industry body located in Siam.

They are currently ruling the 17 markets in the entire India including the whole region in the western part of the county. The states that are included are Goa, Maharashtra and Gujarat. Southern states were also included in the list such as Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Telengana and Kerala. There are also other regions in the country including Punjab, Arunachal Pradesh, Delhi, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Jammu & Kashmir, Chandigarh, Manipur, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

The Japanese company is currently outperforming in other states where the demand is quite high such as Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. Their sales are also twice the speed of the industry that has been recorded in the last six years.

The president and CEO of Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India, Minoru Kato, said that they have put in investment in order to be able to answer the demand for Honda products that are high quality. For the last six years, the company has improved from one plant to now operating four different plants. New models have been released and their current network is now triple its size six years back.

In 2011, only the markets of Goa and Arunachal Pradesh that is dominated by Honda motorbike but in 2017 it is the top brand in 15 different states and two different union territories.