Hoosiers Warned To Be More Alert Of Scammers During The Memorial Day Weekend

It is fairly common for freshmen students to ask where to get the best Novelty IDs and what bars or clubs are not too strict with ID inspections. If you are going to buy a fake identity card, do not go for the law quality ones even if they are offered for cheap prices because they can get you into trouble.

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill has warned Hoosiers to be wary of scams for the coming Memorial Day weekend and the Indianapolis 500. Hoosiers certainly do not want to enter the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and find out that the ticket is a fake. High profile events particularly sports events like the Indy 500 are very attractive to scammers.

Scammers are also using technology for new and innovative ways to steal money. They put watermarks and 3D seals on tickets which makes it difficult to distinguish between the real and fake ones. The Indiana Attorney General’s Office warns people to be one step ahead of the scammers by being smart in making ticket purchases.

Tickets must always be purchased from trusted vendors or through the website of Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Avoid online vendors that offer discounted and cheap tickets. The Town of Speedway is also being proactive when it comes to the identification badges of vendors.

The town of Speedway has sold 65 permits. Vendors and sellers outside the track are required to wear the official 2019 badge to be allowed to sell tickets, merchandise, food and many more. The badge will include a picture and name on it. Code enforcers will be on the lookout for vendors who are not wearing badges because they are not official.

Scammers are also targeting property owners. Homeowners who will rent out their properties must screen their guests and ensure they are verified. Counterfeit check scams are pretty common.

If you are planning to get Novelty IDs for you and your friends, check top rated online vendors. The fake ID may cost you a few bucks but it is definitely worth the price especially if you are going to use it to be allowed inside bars and clubs. Ask around for the trusted fake ID makers.