How Businesses Manage Their Triple Bottom Line With Technology

For a business to be successful, they must learn to manage their triple bottom line which includes environmental, social and financial. These three aspects are where most of the opportunities come but it is also the gateways for risks. Therefore, the business model should not neglect these three parts in order to cater to the planet, the customers and the profits. This is vital for a company that offers office cleaning in Sydney in order to find success in their niche. One of the many things experts in the industry have found is that technology plays an important role in sustainability specifically internet of things and robotics.

Business minded people are always planning about their business’ sustainability but it is not always that they put green process as a priority. This will slowly change with the integration of technology such as robotics and the use of cloud technology in electronics devices. This processes will result to sustainability in a secondary level but will surely put the effort in streamline which is greener compared to legacy processes.

When it comes to commercial cleaning management coupled with sustainability efforts, the setting is quite familiar for service companies as well as facility managers because they have always been handling public areas with large spaces. These are the businesses that have been using technology for many years now and their processes are specifically designed to manage sustainability that record shows they have been doing it for more than a hundred years already.

Therefore it is not surprising that IoT and robotics will be employed in the commercial cleaning industry to achieve sustainability. Technology concerning robotics is now developing at a faster rate and researchers have found a way to use devices that can be connected to the cloud. This is the reason why the sustainability in the industry has advanced so much in just a matter of few years.

Cleaning devices used by companies that offer office cleaning in Sydney are now automated. Therefore cloud connectivity has proven to be very efficient since it easily gathers data regarding resource management, flow of people, consumable replenishment and even equipment utilization.