How Football Highlights Can Destroy One’s Mind

Rob Kelly used to be an NFL player who retired in 2002 at the age of 28. He was featured in some ดูบอลสด as he was one of the best players. However, he sustained injury in the nerve between the neck and shoulder during a training camp that ended his football career. He spent years playing for the New England Patriots and New Orleans Saints in the beginning of the late 1990s. He had no idea that all those years of playing would have to end in such serious consequence. He wasn’t aware that he needed safety to defend himself while hitting the game. He attempted one tackle while playing for the Saints and it damaged him badly that he got back to his senses the following day.

He knew that professional football is such a brutal sport. But he loved it in every way. He accepted the fact that he can be bruised and have broken bones. What he didn’t realise was having a battered body much as having a battered mind.

For several decades, no one ever understood how football can permanently be harmful for the brain. Otherwise, most parents could have most likely not sign up their boys for the play. But the reality of the sport was obscured by the NFL’s top medical professionals, who for many years neglected the connection between the sport and long-term degenerative brain diseases. Some of the great NFL players were featured in ดูบอลสด before they sustained such painful illnesses.

Until late 2009, that fact was accepted as a reality for the first time by NFL leaders who publicly admitted that concussions may have the long-term effects of playing football. In 2016, a prominent league official acknowledged that there was a connection between football and CTE, which have been discovered from the brains of more than a hundred deceased football players. But for Rob and other players, the admission came in too late. They will have to suffer such pain till the rest of their lives.

When Rob first met his wife in 2007, he considered him gentle and endearing that caught much of her attention. She admitted that she never watched a full football game in her life and still believed in stereotypes. She even saw Rob in few of the ดูบอลสด playing toughly and abrasively. However, in person he was sensitive and tenderhearted.