How Latin Wives Improved The Economy In Latin America

Seeing women heading for work every day in Latin America is not new. In fact, participation of females in the workforce had improved greatly, specifically in the past decades. The improvement has brought about a meaningful social change in this region and enhanced economical situations. There has been a way for Latin wives to fit in the society and make their lives better.

It is also a fact that if these women weren’t in for the workforce, the region could have experienced extreme poverty especially in 2010. Something can really be said about the region’s recent intrusions against relenting lack of equality.

As written in a new World Bank report launched today, there are more low income women joining the workforce than those of high income earners. This is a major perception for the region.

Economic shocks are starting to get help

With the 2009 crisis, women joined the labor market to boost the economic shocks. Households typically relying on male income earners were more susceptible than those having both partners, the men and their Latin wives, working.

“Many men lost their jobs in the crisis, and they solely relied on female labor to go through the poverty reduction, said Gender Group and Poverty Reduction Manager, Louise Cord.

But those greatly affected by the poverty are single, working moms. This makes the families of only one income earner poorest than those having their men as the sole breadwinner.

Today, this gap has been opposed in many nations in Latin America, as you see more Latin wives getting an education more than men.

Women still get paid less

However, major challenges are still experienced. Women in nations like Peru, Mexico, Brazil and Chile are often paid less than men, specifically in high positions where the gap is expanding.

According to Louise Cord, another enticing factor to consider is how employers value the experience based on gender.

Also, women in Brazil for instance, tend to be overpoweringly corresponding in low productivity sectors.

In this region, you will find Latin wives experiencing violence in homes with high teenage pregnancy rates, so it makes women decide to achieve their goals by themselves.