How Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan Opened His Restaurant

How do you become a restaurant owner? Well, it may sound like a dream, but becoming a successful restaurateur doesn’t happen overnight. Just like Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan, where his first restaurant was recognized as one of the best in Caracas, Venezuela, you need to serve great food to make your restaurant popular to customers.

When you own a restaurant like Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan, you need to check that everything is ready before a customer sits down and order. You need to smile at them even if your moods don’t say so. Owning a restaurant can be a lot of challenge, and you get your fair share of new issues each day. However, you need to stand strong, so that your employees will obey you, and do what is expected of them. So here is how you should be when you’re running a restaurant:

  • Choose a Concept

Have a concept of your restaurant and know if it will really work. Just like going for a job interview, you need to know the “ins” and “outs”, so you know your responsibilities are, what exactly you must do, and where you can turn it into a passion. When you open a restaurant, think of it as a business that can last forever. Think about the things and the people that you need, and how they can do their best to make it successful. Decide early what your concepts will be and stay focused on your business.

  • Experience Can Make or Break a New Restaurant

If you’re opening a new restaurant, you must ensure that you are experienced to run your own business. If you have work experience before, you will know exactly what to do with your staff and customers. Opening a restaurant is more glamorous in movies than in real life. So, it is really important to know how to handle your day to day life in it. You’ll surely be handling lots of responsibilities, and it’s best to be prepared and educated about it.

  • Serve Really Good Food

Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan offers great food in his restaurant, so you should do the same. It’s a way to have customers love your restaurant as you serve them with scrumptious food. Especially with all the competition around, you need to have the best food. And it all begins with hiring the best staff like a chef to cook your food and waiters to serve them.

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