How Much Will You Pay For A Wedding Planner In Sydney

Do you want to know how much your wedding will cost? How much must your budget be for your wedding? These are the typical questions that a marrying couple will ask their wedding planner in Sydney for their wedding.

As a wedding planner,these questions are something that they hate to divulge to their clients. They really want the best for your wedding; hence, the bigger the budget you spend for such occasion, the more they will earn something from you. It’s actually where they make their earnings.

When people ask a wedding planner in Sydney about their services, it’s like an overseas friend asking how much dinner costs in Sydney. The wedding planner likes to organise a wedding with white table cloth and fine dining. Or the couple can be searching for a waterfront view at the Coogee Pavilion or Watson’s Bay. Or they may opt for street food in China Town. It really depends on the price and experience you will want for your wedding. You’ll also be considering the number of people joining your party.

Fortunately, a 2017 survey has been conducted from brides who have sought help from wedding planners in Sydney. According to them, an average Australian wedding will cost around $51,250, a price that’s higher than 2016’s $48,600. For the venue, they paid for around $21,250, the flowers and styling for about $6,700, and the wedding outfits from $4000 to $5,280.

If you read this article, you’ll be enlightened at how much weddings cost in Australia, specifically in Sydney. You’ll just have to spend a substantial amount of money and need the service of a wedding planner in Sydney to plan your wedding. 

However, you need to take it easy as every couple is unique and different from another. If you need a wedding planner for your wedding, then you definitely want a grandiose wedding to remember. However, if you choose to do it on your own, you’ll just have to seek help from family or friends who are knowledgeable in organising a wedding. Anyway, you’ll be spending money for your big day. A wedding planner in Sydney will just make the day more successful.