How Perfectly Designed Websites Can Nurture Higher Customer Conversion Rates

Most companies, either large or small, generally consider websites as a chore, something they have to do for their business, just because everyone else has it too. But little do these entrepreneurs know that these websites, if designed to attract and retain customers, can be more effective than entire sales and marketing teams. The key factors here are customer attraction, otherwise known as “lead generation” and customer retention, otherwise known as “customer conversion”. By optimizing these two factors using data analytics, website developers, designers and marketers can greatly increase the conversion rate of customers. This entire process is usually taken on as a project by other companies, like Studiobkk. Companies like these spend many hours looking for what makes websites tick. This is generally done using data analytics. Using the results from these analyses, these companies proceed to deliver highly relevant websites that are centered on the goals of the company itself. This process is generally known as conversion rate optimization.

Studiobkk is a website design company that specializes in the art of conversion rate optimization. There are a few renowned methods that increase the conversion rate, and the most important of these is to place the call-to-action of the website first. Aesthetics aside, this should be the major driver of traffic in a company’s website. Customers shouldn’t only approach the website because it looks good, but because it is relevant to them and can help them in some way or another.

The company’s taglines and headlines must be short, sweet and relevant. They should also be free of any company jargon, and should be easy to understand for any layman in the field. If not, the customers will be disinclined to stay on the website and would prefer a competitor’s website. Apart from this, these important phrases should be socially relevant and should mean something important to the customer.

The next best thing that can be done to boost conversion is a showcase of previous projects or companies that have been worked with. If customers can see actual proof of progressive work, they will be more trusting towards the company and will therefore want to invest their own money into it for the fulfillment and completion of their projects.