How Tattoo Cover Up Makeup Works

You will surely feel cool when you have a tattoo freshly inked onto your skin. However, there will come a time when you want to cover them up and hide it away. It may be visiting your special someone’s parents, or you’re having a job interview in a corporate office. The tattoo can create an impression on you, that’s why you want a tattoo cover up makeup to conceal it. This then will need you to do careful research and find the best tattoo makeup to suit your skin tone.   

How to Cover Up a Tattoo

If you don’t find laser removal as an option to conceal your tattoo, there are only three ways for a successful tattoo cover up: (1) Wear good clothing; (2) A new tattoo to correct an old one; and, (3) Use a concealer or foundation to cover up the tattoo. 

Makeup can be the simplest solution for a more natural look on your skin. However, you need to apply them in layers just to cover up the tattoos on your arm, legs, neck, or back. They can be more expensive too, especially that makeup nowadays cost more. You also need to choose the exact shade that match your skin tone. If your tattoo is small, then applying tattoo cover up makeup will be easy. But if it’s a huge one, you’ll probably need a makeup artist to do that for you.

The Tattoo Cover Up Makeup

You need a wheel or palette with different colours to mix and match your skin colour. Ensure that it’s waterproof to make it last longer and appear natural. Foundation or concealers that cover tattoos are only waterproof if you add a setting powder or spray, which will mean additional expense and more techniques. You certainly want something waterproof, dries up on its own and don’t need to rub off so easily. Besides, tattoo cover up makeup is pigmented, so it definitely goes a long way.

So, How to Cover Up a Tattoo?

If you’re opting for a professional makeup artist, the first step he will do is to block out the dark colour with red. Then he will layer the highly pigmented transfer with tattoo makeup, allowing each layer to dry up. For a natural finish, he will stipple a complimentary skin tone to break the colour. If needed, he will then set powder or spray.