How To Choose Refrigerated Services

There are a few important things that you have to consider when looking for refrigerated services, such as or service providers for transporting and cargo handling. Choose a trucking company that is known to be reliable in the industry as this will also reflect on you when you deliver services to your customers. This is the reason why you need to be cautious when hiring third party service providers as it will impact your business relationship with your customers. The following are some criteria that will guide you in choosing the right service provider for your refrigerated transfer needs.

Guarantee for on-time delivery

If you require a refrigerated truck service, this means that the products of goods that you intend to deliver are perishable and needs to be delivered right on time. Therefore, you need a service provider that guarantees on time pickup and delivery of goods to the target address.  Any delay in delivery could damage the goods and this will have an impact on your business and your image in the industry. Choose a trucking company that utilizes modern communication facilities in their trucks such as satellite phones and internet tracking to track deliveries. This will give you peace of mind that your goods will arrive at the target on time. 

Proper trucking equipment

Find out what your specific refrigerated services needs are and check if your target trucking company, such as can provide these requirements. Determine if the products need to be frozen or merely chilled. Frozen goods require a refrigerated truck with -1°C to – 20°C temperatures while chilled products would need 0°C to 15°C. Make sure that the trucking company has your required specifications. Aside from the refrigerated truck, find out if the truck driver employed by the trucking company is qualified and licensed for commercial truck driving in your area.

Excellent customer feedback

Choose a refrigerated truck service provider from a company, such as that is known to be professional in dealing with customers. Read customer feedback and testimonials for ideas. Only choose a trucking company in your area that has positive reputation in the industry.