How To Choose The Right Kitchen Or Laundry Splashback

You can have an endless choice for kitchen and laundry splashback which can be overwhelming. These five simple tricks and tips can help you narrow down your choices and prepare you for the best splashback for your space:

  • Pick your benchtop first

You need to choose your benchtop first when you try to choose a splashback that will suit your kitchen or laundry room. The benchtops can have unlimited options when it comes to material and their color.

  • Choose the right material

For kitchen and laundry splashback, the common materials are tiles, pressed metal, stainless steel and glass. If you prefer the traditional look, you should consider pressed metal or tiles. When you opt for splashbacks, you can think of easily cleaning the area. Mosaic tiles are stunning but they seem difficult to clean than larger tiles, especially that it will include grout. If you want a modern and streamlined look, you may want to choose glass.

  • Select the right color

You could have made up a choice if you have already selected a benchtop material. Depending on your chosen material, you can choose the benchtop to be at the center stage. In this case, you may want to choose a simple splashback that will still draw attention to the benchtop.

  • Use a splashback that can add more light

If you want something that can improve your kitchen or laundry space, you can install a splashback window and allow yourself to view the outdoors. They can bring and add color to the room, and make it easy to clean with all the natural light brightening up your work area during the day.

If you don’t prefer a splashback window, you may want to consider a mirror splashback instead. This will surely make your room bigger and will reflect all the natural and artificial light around it.

  • Try a feature splashback

You may want to add a bold splashback color that can easily attract the eyes or you may want to consider a kitchen or laundry splashback with digitally printed image. The rest of the kitchen and laundry room can be designed by you!