How To Create Your Own Ugly Christmas Sweater

The increasing popularity of the ugly Christmas sweater cannot be denied. Whether young or old, people are now into this craze that started several decades ago. Even small time business owners have experienced a significant turn in sales during the holiday season because of the trend of ugly Christmas sweater. If you surf through the internet, you can read lots of success stories of people who took the business of ugly sweaters seriously.

Especially when the cold season is approaching, the demand for ugly Christmas sweaters will sky rocket. A lot of people has experienced going to thrift and high end retail stores in the last minute in the hopes of buying the ugly sweaters and return home instead disappointed because the sweaters are all sold out. If you have the basic skills in making an ugly themed sweater, why don’t you jump in to your sewing kit and start making that sweater.

Below are the steps in creating your very own ugly sweater:

Step one. Gather all the necessary stuffs. You will need several stuffs for this undertaking.

– sweater (find one that has some several traditional Christmas patterns and colors)

– plush toys (most people make use of the reindeer toy but you can also look for other animals that will work out well in the sweater design)

– needle

– thread

– bells

– scissors

– battery that is operated with LED light string

– kitschy decorations

Step two. Decapitate the stuffed animal

Cut off the head and the limbs of the stuffed animal and ready it for mounting on your sweater. Most of the plush toys are stuffed with fibrous heads and limbs so you need not worry that your sweater will weigh much. You can experiment where you want to position the body parts, however, creators of ugly sweaters would recommend that you position it on the stomach part of the sweater.

Step three. Accessorize the sweater

After you sew the head and limbs on the sweater, it is time to accessorize the sweater. You can sew bells around the sleeves of the sweater and near the waist hem. You can also stitch a cheap wreath on the sweater and place some ornament rings on it.