How Tutoring Helped Latino Students In Cerritos

Tutoring in Cerritos offers unique advantages for every student. Students need academic support that is why parents take the option of private tutoring. Tutoring in Cerritos is more comfortable and convenient for students because there is one-on-one interaction without any distractions. As students gain more academic support, they become more confident and develop a better self-image.

Michelle Mancilla enrolled in Cerritos College three years ago because her father told her that she has better chances of success due to the school’s academic program. He was probably right because based on a study by New America, Cerritos College was singled out for the increasing number of Latinos who became eligible for transfer and who does well academically. What is the secret of Cerritos College?

Cerrito’s administration said that they did not do anything revolutionary to increase their student’s success rates. There was no new classroom or modern computer labs but instead, teachers were trained and the administrators communicated with parents so that their children can be encouraged to get more tutoring and academic support.

The number of Latinos in the community college who earned passing grades grew by 10% between 2007 and 2013. Latino students who earned passing grades statewide grew by 5% within the same time. The number of students who earned enough credits to be able to transfer to a four-year college or university grew by approximately 4.5% which is double the statewide average. Unfortunately, other schools have not tried the same practices and the efforts of Cerritos College were not happening in other campuses.

Cerritos officials began with their concerted efforts to improve Latino graduation rates in 2008. The campus received a federal grant to launch a program that taught the students study skills and time management. A student success center was opened where students can go for tutoring. When Mancilla began her studies at Cerritos, English was her weakest subject and she began visiting the center once or twice a week. She would go over her essays with her tutors who also taught her research databases. Now, Mancilla is very comfortable with English and she has started to love it.