How You Can Choose Your Bathroom Tiles

Are you thinking of retiling your bathroom for a modern look? Choose the bathroom tiles carefully and make its users want to use them often. So here are five tips for choosing tiles in the bathroom:

  • Choose the Tile that’sYour First Option

Normally, when you renovate a bathroom, you usually have that one tile in mind to include in the design. The design can be a unique accent or extra special, or sometimes it can be simple like choosing white subway tiles. Whatever your choice is, choose bathroom tiles wisely to create a dream bathroom design.

  • Only Use Up to Three Different Tiles

As a starting point, choose a tile that makes you choose other tiles for the design. If you choose a unique colour or pattern for the focal point, prefer subtler colours to accentuate your bathroom design. If you prefer a white subway tile, why not add an element of interest. You can cover all walls in the bathroom,choose a floor tile, or even a wall tile for the tub or shower, and an accent tile for the focal point. It’s only a suggestion but you can learn to experiment to have a marvellous bathroom design.

  • Choosing One Style for the Entire Home

There are so many beautiful bathroom tiles in the market. You want to make your bathroom the best place in your home to show off your personality. Choose fun colours or patterns to fit your style. If you’re opting for variable colours and patterns, remember that you should only feature one style.Have thebathroom design complement with the other rooms of your home, so it looks nicer and better.

  • Consider Bathroom Maintenance

If you’re someone who seldom cleans the shower or tub, choose a ceramic or porcelain tile, so you can clean it easily. Choosing tiles that are made from natural stone will require maintenance and need to be sealed. They also hold on to grime and dirt. If you prefer a stone texture, choose it on the floor or less wet areas.

  • Consider the Scale

To make a stylish bathroom, choose large scale tiles as they are the trends right now. If you are opting for such design, you can cut such bathroom tiles into smaller pieces to use in a different area of the bathroom.