IKEA Apologizes For Omitting New Zealand On Map Similar To Bird’s Eye View Map

Big businesses, like IKEA, can commit mistakes, too.

IKEA is a Sweden-based home and office furnishings store with branches scattered in more than50 countries around the world.

The company is about to open a branch in New Zealand’s Auckland City, the largest urban area of the country.Another branch is also projected to be opened in another part of this picturesquepacific country.

Recently, however, IKEA has been found to have inadvertently omitted New Zealand from a Bjorksta mapwhich was on display at the store’s Washington DC outlet.

The map which carried said geographical error was sold at $40 a piecein the company’s branch in Washington DC.Picture of the erroneous map has spread to a great extent after it was uploaded on Reddit by a hawk-eyed IKEA customer at said Washington DC outlet.

According to news items released by NBC and BBC, IKEA has since then recognized and apologized for the oversight and assured that appropriate actions be taken by pulling out the erroneous product.

This is not the first time that New Zealand, known as “The Land of the Long, White Cloud” has been omitted in a map. IKEA is just the latest one to commit it.For example, the country is not included in a map of Washington DC’s Smithsonian Natural History Museum, Starbucks, and a John Lewis tablecloth, among others.

Such non-inclusion, thoughunintentional, has triggered the formation of internet pages such as the one on Reddit and many news stories.

These perplexing incidents have also prompted the NZ Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern to appear with known personalities like Rhys Darby and Ed Sheeran for the tourism campaign Get NZ on the Map.

As gathered from the IKEA website (https://www.ikea.com), a Bjorksta mapis for decoration purposes, and not a tool for educating viewers.A Bjorksta map is almost akin to a bird’s eyeview map which is artistically drawn, has distorted but charming perspective and creates an illusion of high vantage view.Samples of a bird’s eyeviewmap can be seen at the Library of Congress which houses about 1,500 of these type of maps, about half of them created by artists like Albert Ruger.