IKEA Unveils Robotic Furniture Line

The furniture industry has come a long way with the help of modern technology. Many of the schools are now equipped with ergonomic high school furniture thanks to innovations in technology. To take it up a notch, Ikea revealed their new line of furniture which was made following a robotic concept. The main goal is to transform a bedroom and make it into a living room with just a single press of a button.

Ikea’s new robotic furniture will make apartment spaces eight square metres bigger. The line is called the Rognan range and it was created in partnership with Ori, a tech firm which is affiliated with MIT. The line will be launched in 2020 in Hong Kong followed by Japan. The concept was similar, and may have been inspired, by a scene from a movie The Fifth Element in 1997 wherein the bed used by actor Bruce Willis was retracting.

Hasier Larrea, the founder of Ori, said that robotic furniture was only seen in movies before that but with the help of modern technology they were able to design and recreate the concept. Furthermore, the partnership between Ikea and Ori resulted to the robotics furniture line which is found to be the need of many homeowners residing in urban spaces.

The concept will be all about designing robotic furniture for small spaces. The new furniture line will be showcased during the Democratic Design Days which is a conference to be held in Sweden.

Another concept is called the Ravaror which is a trolley equipped with wheels wherein items inside can be unloaded and assembled to make a living space that is only 12 square meters. The collection will have 20 products including a sofa, daybed, storage boxes, lighting, mini kitchen, open storage, textiles and table.

Ikea is prioritizing this line because of the increasing number of people in urban areas. With the rate technology is going, even high school furniture might be developed into high-tech ones in the future. For now, Ikea will focus on providing solutions to ordered living along with developing furniture for families with children.