Impact Of The Opioids Crisis To The Economy Of The United States

The most recent talk conducted by President Donald Trump regarding the opioids crisis was held at New Hampshire. This is because the state has one of the highest rates of deaths due to over dosage in the country. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the president could have chosen other states if he wanted to show just how worse the epidemic caused by opioid addiction. This is one of the reasons why Los Angeles luxury rehab was established in the first place.

The CDC published figures on March 6 which shows how rapid the increase of emergency room cases because of cases relating to opioids. The data gathered was from June of 2016 that shows an increase of 109 per cent in Wisconsin, Delaware saw an increase of 105 per cent, Illinois cases went up by 66 per cent while 81 per cent was recorded in Pennsylvania.

The published report includes other devastating figures that show just how worse the health crisis is. CDC published that in 2016 there were 64,000 individuals who passed away because of drug overdose and around three quarters are because of opioids. The figure is five times higher compared to the record in 1999.

Opioids have a negative impact on the employment rate of the country. It was noted that there is a decrease in workforce participation especially from men. It was found out that the states with the highest prescription rates also have high dropout rates.

The crisis also has a hand in the economic status of a state. It was revealed in a study that states with the highest mortality rate due to overdoes have the same economic problems with regards to employment rate, disability and poverty.

One of the most troubling facts is that opioids prices are lower than a cigarette pack but the costs required for someone to go to rehab is quite high. Not everyone can afford the Los Angeles luxury rehab but it is guaranteed to help them on their way to sobriety. According to Trump administration, around $30,000 has to be spent on every patient in order to cure their addiction.