Importance Of Data Security And Some Methods To Protect Data

Data is the most valuable asset for today‚Äôs business organizations. Recording data is the most essential part of all kinds of business. Technological developments have helped organizations to store data in a database so that they can easily access it when required. The recent events of data theft from reputed organizations have made the discussion about data protection important for businesses.   

Technology and the process of protecting valuable data, such as personal or financial information is known as data security. Data security is in need where networking play a role from commonly used mobile to software industries. Safeguarding data is a crucial process in which one’s company reputation and value gets involved. 

Importance of Data Security 

When unauthorized persons or entities steal the data from the database of a business organization, it is known as data theft. Data theft is a critical issue that need to be handled swiftly as it effects the reputation of an organization. It is necessary to implement strict data security measures to

  • Control Financial loss
  • Gain consumer’s belief and maintain their trust
  • Increase your reputation

Tips to Ensure Data Security

Many technologies through software and hardware-based mechanism are used in protecting data. Software-based security solutions encrypt the data to protect from theft. Whereas, hardware-based security solutions can prevent physical access to data, which provide strong protection against tampering. 

  • Authentication – Process includes using a combination of ways to identify an authorized user by password, PINS, security tokens, swipe card, face lock or biometric aids. 
  • Access Control – Authentication happens through access control according to the need of the company. Few of the access control techniques are
    • Discretionary process control – allow access to resources based on identifying users or a group.
    •  Role-based access control – allow the user to access specific information according to the allocation of the company. 
    • Mandatory access control: system administrator controls strictly on access to information. 
  • Backups and Recovery: System failure, data corruption, disaster or breach can happen any time which makes you lose important information, so data backups on separate systems like tape, disk or in the cloud may help you to recover your data through backups. 

It is essential for every business organization to maintain data security. You can either have an in-house team to take care of the issue or outsource the task to professional firms that provide data security services.