Important Considerations While Planning A Sailing Vacation

Sailing is an excellent way to enjoy Phuket vacation. Travellers can book private boats, yachts or cruises to enjoy a sailing vacation in Phuket. Tourists can visit the number of beautiful islands near Phuket and enjoy watching the local marine life in its natural habitat.

The advantage of private boat charter in Phuket is that tourists can customize the itinerary to suit their preferences. Private boat charter gives the necessary freedom to enjoy the trip as per their liking. The boat charter company usually helps the tourists to prepare a suitable itinerary by suggesting the exotic islands and reefs that are worth visiting.  The charter company also provides a skipper to take care of the sailing routes and other requirements of the guests.

Sea sickness is a common ailment suffered by most of the first time sailors. The thought of sea sickness prevents most of the tourists from planning a sailing vacation. There are many ways to combat sea sickness like lying down in a comfortable and airy spot on the deck, looking out at the sea, taking medications, using wristbands that reduce the stress and treat sea sickness etc. it is always advisable to eat something before getting on board. These simple tips will help you to enjoy a stress free and healthy vacation on board your private boat.

Packing is another important aspect to consider while opting for a private boat charter in Phuket, to enjoy a sailing vacation. It is recommended to pack light and carry only the essential items on board your boat. Pack the necessary medications, hygiene products and convenience products to last throughout the trip. Pack lightweight clothes that dry easily. Carry the required number of clothes according to your sailing itinerary. Pack a duffel bag instead of heavy suitcases. Some of the essential items to pack are sun hat, waterproof windcheater to keep you warm during the misty and chilly evenings, pair of sunglasses, non-slip shoes, flip flops, swimming gear, sun block, lip balm, dry shampoo, flash light etc.

If you are opting for private boat charter in Phuket and intend to go scuba diving and snorkelling, enquire with the charter company about the availability of the necessary equipment in the boat. Most of the luxury boat charters have life jackets, snorkelling fins and other equipment on board the yacht. Also enquire about the availability of groceries, fresh water and food arrangements on the boat.