In 2018, The Most Expensive Household Service Is Removals

Service hiring website,, did some work to find out which trade had the highest hourly charge-out costs in the AU, and found that removals in Sydney and across the country to be the most expensive, with rates higher than any other trade or household service, beating out sparkies, plumbers and carpenters.

According to the site, the average national hourly charge-out cost for a removalist in the financial year of 2018 say at $93.24, which is a 3.04% increase from 2017. For those looking for removals in Sydney or anywhere in NSW, the cost is even higher,  as the removalists in that state charge an hourly rate higher than the national average; at $95.21 per hour.

On the list of highest paid household service providers, plumbers sat at second place, charging an average of $83.04 per hour, while sparkies’ fees went up by 4.25% to $75.71.

The biggest increase for the national average belong to the general handymen in the AU, whose rates went up by 11.97% over the year, up to $56.73 per hour, placing them at fourth on the list. Sitting at fifth spot were carpenters, whose rates went up by 6.23% up to $55.71 per hour.

Certain states are particularly lucrative for particular tradies. Plumbers operating in WA and NSW sit atop the hill, charging $92.22 and $90.83 per hour, respectively. Meanwhile, Victorian plumbers upped their average charge out rates by 10.88%. Builders in Queensland saw a massive, 32.73%, increase in their average charge out hourly rates.

The data was sourced by studying their sample of 121,000 jobs quoted during the financial year of 2018. The results aren’t categorised by trade standards, which are fairly strict, but rather by professional areas dictated by customers which use the company’s site.

CEO Jeremy Levitt, ServiceSeeking, says that much of the variation in pricing stems from the simple supply vs. demand balance, with a limited number of tradies available for some of the better-performing trades, explaining that the professionals that charge the most are the ones who are in hot demand, with the options to raise prices, as well as choose which job they’ll take on.