Increase In Construction Resulted To Rat Plague In Sydney

There is an increase in construction of buildings in the inner city which caused the increase in the population of rats. These rodents are now moving into residential homes after their nests in old warehouses and factories have been demolished or renovated for construction. This problem resulted to an increase in demand for commercial pest control in Sydney because simple traps and methods are not enough to eradicate their population.

These rodents have been living in the city for quite a while that they are already bigger than usual. Some pest controllers said that the rats they have exterminated are almost as big as cats.

Nathaly Haeren, a rat catcher working for Pesty Girls, said that she had a call from a customer telling her about a possum in their property but when they arrived what they caught was a rat. This only proves how big these furry pests are that they are mistaken with other larger types of animals.

On a daily basis, she is rats that are of the same size as a medium cat and they are acting desperate as well as out of control due to the nonstop construction and redevelopment of abandoned buildings in an effort to modernize the inner suburbs in the city of Sydney. One of these suburbs is Marrickville and these rats are now finding new homes where they can nest and most of them end up in residential properties.

Ms. Haeren explained that the teeth of rodents do not stop growing thus they must chew on hard objects in order to file them. This habit is causing extensive damage to properties.

Christine Forster, a councilor for the City of Sydney Liberal said that the pest control campaign under the city does not have enough funds and staffs needed in order to solve the rodent problem.

She said that the city only hire one pest control company and this is not enough. Many of the homeowners are dealing things on their own by hiring a commercial pest control in Sydney, as they cannot deal with the pests’ distraction.