Influence Chain Joined By Thai Royal Families In Conference

Last month, on the 10th of November, Thailand’s Influence Chain held a conference which was hosted at Sofitel Bangkok. Southeast Asia’s CEO of Influence Chain, James Wong, was at the launching along with PrajongjitPraiwech and Apinya Pramoj, Thai princesses. They spearheaded the feast which is composed of prominent guests from the entertainment sector of Thailand, royal family members of the nation and investors coming from different parts of the globe. Thailand is ideal for these events because the country has conference hotel in Bangkok which is a recommended venue.

During the conference, the Thai royals recognized that they have a strong partnership with Influence Chain in Thailand as well as Southeast Asia. Therefore, they announced that more explorations will be conducted in fields of entertainment and culture in order to help the company. Influence Chain’s main goal is to develop a common platform intended for international influence economy by utilizing the BlockChain technology. The latest conference was proof of the role that Influence Chain plays in connecting the cultural communications between Sino and Thai.

Two celebrities from the local movie called Bad Genius were also present at the conference courtesy by the princesses, PrajongjitPraiwech and ApinyaPramoj. These celebrities, ChutimonChuengcharoensukying and EisayaHosuwan, are known all over China. They were met with loud cheers and applause upon arriving and they talked about the success of their movie.

The domestic entertainment market is currently experiencing a shift because of the decline in demand for films and TV series coming from South Korea. More television works are now being developed in Thailand and other countries such as India. With the new trends, the costs are lower and the contents are of much higher quality. Bad Genius alone was able to earn over 600 millionRMB and it is believed that there will be more Thai celebrities will gain fame among Chinese audience. With this opportunity, Influence Chain is planning to venture into the Thai market.

Following business deals and offerings, it is expected that there will be more conferences in the future. There may be more bookings at a conference hotel in Bangkok to further the entertainment industry of the nation.