Introduction To The New BL51E Embedded Computer

The past few years has been a busy year for computer manufacturers with the rise of industrial PCs such as Intel embedded PC which is intended to be used in industrial settings. This is why the introduction of BL51E has brought a new wave of interest. The embedded computer is under the series of Intel Atom E3900, it has a soldered DRAM with a maximum internal storage space of 8 GB, it has 1 shuttle for HDD or SSD, two ports reserved for PoE, a PCI Ethernet ports with 4GB and 4 slots for mini PCI that comes with slots for micro-SiM.

Aside from those listed above, the embedded computer is WLAN capable with GPS and 4G LTE. It has two USB ports dedicated for 2.0 drives, two Display Port and 4 slots for UARTS. It is fanless and can operate between -40 and 85 degrees Celsius. The internal components of the computer have a conformal coating and certified with EN 50155 for railways and ISO 7637-2 for automotive.

The box computer BL51E is fanless and does not require maintenance when used in embedded applications such as in transportation involving commercial vehicles, buses and trains. It has a shuttle for HDD or SSD which is intended to offer storage capacity needed by entertainment servers or by systems used in video surveillance. The BL51E can be incorporated in many I/O functions which results to smarter vehicles.

When it comes to usual wireless functions, the BL51E can be trusted to take over the operation. It helps provide passengers with internet connection or it can also be employed when a vehicles needs to be located. There is mobile service available with the box PC through the micro-SIM slots found in ever PCI Card slot.

The processor used by BL51E is the Intel Atom E3950 with a frequency of 1.6 GHz. As an alternate, the Atom E3900 series can also be utilized to make the CPU perform with a higher scalability. The features of the latest Intel embedded PC are improving and it comes as no surprise that the BL51E is up to the challenge.