Investing In Pretty Chairs

People are attracted to investing into something modern and sophisticated. Modern furniture like stacking chairs has an obvious advantage. Stacking chairs come in handy for big events and can easily be deployed in areas where it needs to be.

In the market of modern furniture, fashion plays an integral role. There are many buyers also who prefer the retro look (1960s and 1970s) with a twist of modern design. When buyers were surveyed with regards to the demographics of the dealers, most say that the dealers fall into the bracket of the “young professional”. People under 40 are seeking out for something with an investment potential in order to fill their homes.

The Bonhams first placed modern designs in their sales rooms in 1991 and they were able to profit pounds 61,000 from it. It will hold another sale which is set to realize at least 190,000 pounds. The upcoming sale will focus on the very innovative designs coming from the 20th century. It will highlight the works of Ron Arad’s Misfits, a group of red felt chairs that are intricately sculptured.

Pierre Paulin’s collection of “Tongue Chair” will also be featured. The prices range from 150 pounds to 16,000 pounds. The sale is very affordable to young buyers as most are estimated to be in the hundreds. Chairs made by Tobias Scarpa are priced affordable which is only in the range of 300 pounds. If you want to buy an original 1950s Italian desk lamp, it would cost you around 200 pounds.

Speculators and buyers should keep in mind that furniture design is very fickle. This means that this year, interior designers might recommend cluttering your living space and then the next year, it would go out of trend. You need to make your research that suits your taste in order to make the right choices. It is recommended that you check how rare a certain piece is, how often it is placed in auction and at what price it can be sold. There is great values in pieces that are comes in limited edition and have unique prototypes.