Lawsuit Against Trump Administration As They Wrongly Process DACA Rescission

Dulce Garcia, a San Diego immigration lawyer is now one of six ‘dreamers’ to sue Trump and his administration for their appeals to rescind the DACA program. The term ‘dreamer’ collectively refers to undocumented children who were brought into America illegally. The DACA program sheltered these children by allowing them to obtain legal documentation and obtain legal status as a citizen of the nation. It then went further to provide them with renewable two year work permits, to allow them to make a living for themselves. The DACA program in itself took years of foundation building to eventually materialize as a bill that was passed in 2012 by the Obama administration. But now, these ‘six dreamers’ are working with a San Francisco Immigration lawyer to sue Trump for ending the DACA era.

Among the six DACA participants suing the Trump administration, there is a 4th year medical college student who was brought to America from Thailand when he was 9 years old; two middle school teachers; and a San Diego immigration lawyer, Dulce Garcia, who entered the country when she was 4 years old. She recalls that her earliest memory of her hometown was when she was robbed in Tijuana, Mexico, before crossing the border into San Diego. Since then, she had always dreamed of becoming a criminal lawyer, to help those facing police abuse. When she reached the legal age, she pursued her dream and achieved it, and now she takes on both criminal and immigration-related cases. Now with the Trump administration working to upend DACA, she and her fellow ‘dreamers’, along with 15 other states and the District of Colombia, are looking to sue Trump’s administration for their failure to follow proper administrative protocols and procedures. This lawsuit is being held in a San Francisco court with a San Francisco immigration lawyer.

Although the nearly 800,000 DACA recipients may not be the best or the brightest, says Dulce Garcia, they are hardworking individuals looking to make positive differences to their communities. More so, the DACA recipients suing Trump are people of highly reputable stature, and Dulce Garcia feels privileged to be working them and representing them in this case.