Learn To Throw Axe While On Team Building

If you think team building events are boring, you might want to think again after hearing about an experience in Cleveland. The Cleveland Axe Throwing was launched in March of last year and since then it has already played host to 90 different companies in the area. They have hosted team building events and corporate outings for various companies such as Hyland Software, Cintas and Swagelok – not just once but a number of times already.

The business is located inside one of Valley View’s office building which is just a few blocks from the movie theatre. Their most recent customer is the Phoenix Coffee with 40 of their team members who participated in throwing axes in order to hit the wooden targets. There are six throwing lanes in total and all of these areas are chained off for safety.

According to Matt Dixon, the general manager of Cleveland Axe, they do not have an issue with finding companies because team building seems to be a trend among corporate outings. The challenge lies in offering a unique experience or activity in order to lure companies. There are other common options such as go-karting or hosting a professional lunch but at the end of the day these will not help in fostering an engaging culture between co-workers.

Ax throwing is starting to get a lot of attention all over the country. In fact, there is already a National Axe Throwing Federation which was established in 2016. A proof that the sport is in fact blossoming into something more and the federation is there in order to setup the standard rules and regulations that will govern the competitions.

Cleveland Axe is not the only company cashing in the market of Ohio because there are other competitions such as the All American Axe Throwing which has branches in Canton and Akron. Another player is rumoured to be entering Cleveland, the Backyard Axe Throwing League with branches other parts of the country including Michigan, Chicago and Nashville.

This is one of the unique activities that could give a whole new meaning to team building events which is now getting a bad rep because some employees think that these do not help in the organization. The casual environment while throwing axes is expected to help people loosen up and connect more.