Legal Industry Adopts Technology During The Pandemic

Covid-19 has affected the health, economy, political stability and social order of many countries. Millions of people are fighting for survival. One thing is for certain, even if the pandemic abates, it will leave a lasting impact to the world. How will it change law firms like Donich Law and the legal industry?

The legal industry will be transformed. Law firms will be propelled to the digital age. The entire legal ecosystem will be affected from customers, providers, the Academy and the entire judicial system. While digital transformation has been the focus of most businesses, the legal system has not adopted technology and now it is not prepared. 

Covid-19 has forced a move to virtual workforce and distant learning because offices and schools have to be closed. Offices and schools can deploy underutilized technological tools to adjust to new operating procedures. Businesses are familiar with remote work and telecommuting workforce. They have been doing this since 2019 for more efficient use of company resources and increased productivity.

On the other hand, law has tenaciously clung to traditional ways and failed to reshape its landscape. Law firms had the opportunity to change after the global financial crisis but it didn’t. This time, everything will be different and the legal system has to make broad, deep and enduring changes.

After the pandemic, there will be intensified competition for providers that can deliver digital solutions. Being different will be critical for law firms to survive. There will be more collaboration among law firms as well as others in the supply chain. Law firms have to operate as a seamless and integrated team to defend the enterprise.

Courts will go digital to help resolve global access to the justice crisis. Judges have to decide on cases in virtual courts and not physical courtrooms through oral arguments. The virtual form of a court function will require a range of technology tools to administer justice.

After the pandemic, the legal system will be transformed but Donich Law is always prepared for any eventualities. The lawyers will represent your court regardless of whether it is in a virtual courtroom or in-person proceedings. Free consultation is still available.