LinkedIn With Offices Built For A Close-Knit Team

Team building is an action done by a group of people who usually work together or study together. This activity often aims to promote cooperation and effective collaboration between co-workers / team members. The activities in this event are designed to foster cooperation and promote and increase motivation in the members.

Even in businesses, team building activities are needed to show employees that bosses do care. Top management can relate and listen to people, that is what employees need to know for them to get their morale up. If the morale is up in your employees, employees would love their jobs. One of the things that usually perks up an employee is how the office would look. Of course, it would be nice to work in an office that is as comfortable as your own homes.

This is what LinkedIn has to offer their employees like in their Empire State Building office. LinkedIn offices are located in five and a half floors of the building. This is one of the 30 offices around the world, take note. The tour is now about to start. The reception area is a colourful place which offers coffee and books for the visitors. There is also the office movie theatre where employees can watch movies or shows. There is a vending machine outside the theatre but instead of food, one will find gadgets for work and LinkedIn employees can access with their badges. Next is the kitchen where free meals for breakfast and lunch are being offered. It also has some surprising treats.

LinkedIn employees also have an “InDay” – an event that is done monthly where team building activities and exercises are being done. These InDay days allow the employees to stop with desk work for a while and get engaged with LinkedIn life.

Other perks area also available, they have a pool table, foosball table, and even a karaoke machine. The karaoke machine is actually one way to get the different departments together and get bonded with each other. Workspaces are open and malleable, each floor has their own ways of being presented, each with a destination in mind. Gyms, libraries, flashback rooms, this LinkedIn office has almost all of what employees need to balance life and life at work.