Major Issues That Affect Tourism In Phuket

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Scuba diving is one of the major attractions of Thailand besides the unlimited span of sandy beaches, temples, shopping malls and food establishments. However, according to Thanusak Phungdet, the new president of the Phuket Chamber of Commerce, one of the top issues that are affecting the island’s tourism industry is poor infrastructure development.

Phuket must be able to support the growing number of tourists in terms of transportation. The government plans to build a new road between the airport and the bypass roads so that traffic jams will be eliminated and ensure that travel will be more convenient.

The current state of infrastructure support has become detrimental in gaining the support of business people who are planning to invest in Phuket. One of the major concerns affecting the decision whether to invest or not include the traffic jams that tourists have to endure when travelling to and from the Phuket International Airport. Another big problem is the lack of water reserves that will guarantee a steady water supply to the hotels across the island. Poor electric supply is also on top of the list of vital issues.

Mr. Thanusak is inviting businesses and local people to inform him of the issues that they are facing so that solutions can be provided. The Chamber of Commerce is a powerful organization that can provide the relevant answers to the questions of the private sector. Mr. Thanusak is calling for urgent action to solve the problems of inadequate water, poor electric supply, traffic jams and local road accidents.