Majority Of Exporters In Georgia Are Small And Medium-Sized Companies

In recent years, Mincey Marble has imported glass from China for its glass shower enclosures; however, it exports cast marble bath products to Canada for its hospitality, multi-family, military and healthcare facilities because of the transportation costs involved.

Mincey Marble is one of the companies that are taking advantage of opportunities present in the overseas market. They develop innovative products so that their export numbers will improve. While imports have flooded the United States since January 2017, the highest in years, the slightly downward shift in the value of the dollar and the upwards growth in overseas markets has boosted exports and balanced trade deficits.

Exports are not totally reliant on macroeconomics because there are many opportunities in the global market. According to Mary Ellen McClanahan, director for entrepreneurial and small business initiatives of Georgia’s global commerce division, companies do not need a Class A office tower in order to export products; it can be done in a garage with a single light bulb.

What seems surprising is that 89% (12,869 to be precise) of Georgia’s 14,500 exporters are composed of small and medium-sized companies that have 500 or less employees. Mary Waters, the deputy commissioner of international trade, said that her department has worked closely with 761 companies, 84% had less than 100 employees while 60% had fewer than 20 employees.

These micro enterprises tend to more entrepreneurial and they do not have the luxurious offices that big companies boast of. The international trade division of Georgia provides exporters with the following services that include free market intelligence, key in-country contacts and cost effective international sales opportunities.

A variety of programs and services are also provided to Georgia’s qualified exporters including custom export assistance. Georgia ranks 11th among the exporting states of the US and leads the nation in the export of chemical wood pulp, poultry, Kraft paper, paperboard, carpets and insecticides.

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