Maldives Saw An Increase In UK Tourist Arrivals

The Maldives has seen an increase in tourist arrivals, to the joy of Fairmont in Maldives, with particular note on European arrivals. In particular, the archipelagic country noted a total of 114,602 tourist arrivals from the UK during 2018, which is a 10.2% increase from 2017, which saw 103,977 arrivals from the UK coming to the archipelagic destination in the Indian Ocean.

December 2018, on its own, saw 10,784 UK tourist arrivals to the Maldives, which is an increase of 11% compared to the same month in 2017, which saw 9,717 travellers from the UK arrive in the Maldives. This change is important, as the UK is the second largest European, and third largest globally, inbound market for tourism for the archipelagic country, with travellers from the UK accounting for 7.7% of the Maldives’ total arrivals in 2018.

In total, the Maldives saw 1.48 million international travellers visit the country in 2018, which is a 6.8% increase from the 2017’s arrivals.

This increase in arrivals is due, in part, to all of the infrastructure work and resort openings that happened in the Maldives, with major names like The Westin Maldives Miriandhoo Resort, and a new Fairmont in Maldives; the Fairmont Maldives SIrru Fen Fushi. For 2019, there’s at least 17 resort openings planned in the archipelago, including Waldorf Astoria Maldives Ithaafushi Resort, LUX* North MalĂ© Atoll, and The Nautilus, a 26-room boutique resort in the middle of the Maldives’ UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. 2019 will also see the opening of CROSSROADS, a massive leisure and entertainment project that’ll cover nine islands, which would effectively make it the largest integrated resort in all of the Indian Ocean.

The Maldives’ Minister of Tourism, Hon. Ali Waheed, stated that the UK is one of the most important inbound markets for tourism for the Maldives, so it’s definitely a good thing to see the number of British travellers heading for the country increasing. For 2019, he notes that the archipelago will be seeing the opening of several exceptional properties, including luxury resorts and four-star resorts, so the Ministry is looking towards welcoming more UK guests to the islands, both new and returning.