Medical Robotics To Get Boost From BOI In Thailand

It is now possible to avail BOI company registration in Thailand because of the increase in foreign interest in the economy of the awakening country. The government is also busy creating proposals in order to achieve its goal of becoming a medical hub in the entire region. In fact, it is covered by the vision for a Thailand 4.0. In order to become the medical hub of Asia, Thailand must make use of its reputation as well as its excellence in the field of medical devices and services.

The Board of Investment of Thailand is now busy promoting medical robotics in the country. On top of that, they are also giving away promotion incentives to those interested in investing. These incentives will only apply if the company is involved in the following – manufacture of high-tech medical devices, assembling robot parts and equipment and manufacture of machines or equipment that are already automated.

Exemption for CIT of up to 5 years will be granted to companies that are assembling robot parts and equipment. CIT exemption for the other two sectors, on the other hand, would mean eight years.

As per the recommendation by the BOI, medical devices include robots that are created to assist during surgeries, patient care robot and therapeutic robots. These were categorized as such because of the medical treatment functions that the devices can do.

For the past few years, there are reports that the medical robots have already reached Thailand and are already being used in the hospital setting. When it comes to hard surgeries, medical professionals found it helpful to make use of innovations and robotics.

Aside from assisting during surgeries, which by the way have already been done robots, they can also help in the therapy of an individual who lost his limb and currently undergoing therapy. Because of the quality service it provides, many are paying attention to medical service robots. These technologies will also be used by new foreign investments as they have completed the BOI company registration in Thailand in order to provide quality service to consumers.