Michelin Star Celebrity Restaurant Vs. Local Street Food

Asian cuisine has gained popularity all over the world in the last few years. In New South Wales, Australia, there is Asian restaurant in Gymea that serves authentic Asian flavours like the delicious Yum Cha, the Cantonese tradition of brunch that includes Chinese tea and dimsum and other delicious bites.

When you are travelling to Asian countries like Sri Lanka, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam or China, the best foods are the cheap foods. Because you are a stranger in the city, it is very likely that you will splurge on an expensive meal to enjoy a different food experience but in fact, the cheaper the food, the better it tastes.

If you have eaten in fancy places with Michelin stars and celebrity chefs, the meals they create are nowhere close to the taste and deliciousness of an experience in the $2-plate from the street vendors down the road. In the high end markets of Sri Lanka and India, there are buffets with white coated chefs churning their interpretation of traditional Asian foods but they are somehow disappointing and nowhere near the taste of the true delicacy. Centuries of tradition are lost in the ostentatious presentations to appeal to the unadventurous palate.

In Vietnam, you will likely be encouraged to try a restaurant owned by a celebrity chef who can create fancied versions of popular Vietnamese dishes served inair conditioned rooms with silver knives and forks. The price is astronomical but it is not as delicious as the food sold in the streets for a few dollars.

In Singapore, you made a research for the best restaurants with interesting food that is beautifully presented. However, it failed to harness the thousands of years of gastronomic obsession that created tasty and affordable cuisine. Most street vendors have spent all their lives trying to perfect the food they sell in the streets. They know exactly how to cook it the traditional way.

In most countries you will find traditional Asian food similar to how the locals cook it. You can try Asian restaurant in Gymea for the authentic taste you have been missing. Bring your family with you so that they will also enjoy the experience.