Middle sex County Need Funds To Implement Plan For Co-working Space

The city of Middle town is currently planning to implement an innovative concept that is not commonly done. The proposal was initiated by major stakeholders and the Wesleyan University together with the Middle sex County Chamber of Commerce. They are planning to launch a co-working space in the downtown area. This is as uncommon as a hotel co-working space in Bangkok wherein guests don’t have to go out to seek co-working offices in nearby locations.

The proposal for the co-working space is on the planning stage which is led by the vice president of the chamber, Jeff Pugliese. The space is to be called Middletown Entrepreneurs Work Space or MEWS+. Pugliese is planning to speak to the next meeting of the Common Council in order to convince the councilors to grant their approval for the request of a seed funding worth $35,000 in order to implement the project.

Pugliese explained that the support coming from the Middletown city will start a spark in order for additional seed money to be provided to the community. He also said that if they will be able to convince the city to pledge their support, they are planning to reach out next to the network of mentors, entrepreneurs and service providers located all over the state. They are all connected in a way in order to help startups achieve success in their respective industries.

They are planning to get the support of the city so they can accept funding provided by Liberty Bank, Wesleyan and Middlesex Hospital. The amount will be able to sustain the initiative for a number of years.

There are already a number of co-working spaces in Connecticut and their basic services for members include Wi-fi connection, storage space, coffee, copy machines, parking space for discounted rates and a an official mailing address.

According to the chamber, they are willing to lend their second floor which is approximately 600 square feet. This will serve as the headquarters of the MEWS+ in order for the project to begin implementation. The members of the MEWS+ will have unique access to facilities, much like the hotel co-working space in Bangkok, such as conference room and a video conferencing setup. Once they are able to find a bigger space, they will be able to transfer eventually.