Modes Of Public Transport In Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and a busy city. The city is popular for chaotic traffic and long traffic jams. Visitors may find it difficult to navigate the city at the beginning, but understanding the public transport system in the city makes it easy for the visitors to reach different destinations in short time. The mass transportation system of Bangkok consists of public buses, sky train and underground train systems. Apart from the public transport, tourists can also use taxis, tuktuks and other private means to travel between the sightseeing spots and other attractions in the city.

BTS or the Sky train

BTS or the Sky train is the most popular mass transit system in the city. The elevated lines of BTS connect all the new suburbs of Bangkok. The sky train or BTS is the best transport to reach the posh restaurants, night clubs and shopping malls in the modern suburbs of the city. Most of the hotel in Ploenchit and Sukhumvit are located close to the BTS stations. Some of these hotels also provide free pickup and drop-off to their guests from the BTS stations. The Sky train operates from 6am in the morning to the midnight. The ticket vending machines at the BTS stations give out tickets to the passengers.

MRT system

MRT is the subway metro system of Bangkok. MRT operates in two lines, Blue line and Purple line. Tourists can take the blue line as most of the sightseeing attractions are covered in this line. The Blue line operates between the Tao Poon station and the Hua Lamp Hong station and also connects the main train station of the city. There are major interchange stations at major stations like Sukhumvit, Silom etc. which allow the passengers to switch between MRT and BTS. Tourists planning to use mass transit system for their travel within the city should stay at a hotel in Ploenchit, Sukhumvit, Silom etc. which are well connected with both the MRT and BTS stations.

Public buses

Bangkok is well connected by public buses. These buses connect all the parts of the city and cost very less. Public buses are great for budget travellers, who wish to commute at low cost. However, the buses are basic and it is difficult to travel in them during the hot summer months. Tourists should preferably stay at a hotel in Ploenchit, Sukhumvit or other connected neighbourhood in Bangkok so that they can use all the public transport systems to reach their destinations in time.