Mossman Mill’s Impact To The Economy Of Queensland

According to an independent analysis report, more than $4 billion in revenue was added to the economy of Queensland between 2017 and 2018 which came from the sugar manufacturing department. This contribution came from both direct and indirect transactions. Just like how tourism benefits Cairns to Port Douglas shuttle operators, it shows how manufacturing sugar has been an advantage locally.

The research was done under the order of the Australian Sugar Milling Council also known as ASMC. The director of economics, policy and trade for ASMC, David Rynne, said that direct expenses alone has amounted to around $2.24 billion for the previous financial year. This includes the salary of the employees in the mill, the growers of cane, and providers of goods and services for the mill.

Mr. Rynne added that there is no denying the huge impact brought about by the $2.24 billion which was contributed into the economy of the state. The direct payment also resulted to an additional $1.81 billion which has boosted various sectors including retail, mill inputs and farming. As a whole, the total value amounted to $4.05 billion along with the 22,657 jobs that was added for the residents of Queensland.

Rynne clarified that the production of sugar has positively impacted several local areas such as Yarrabah, Cairns, Atherton Tablelands, Mareeba and Port Douglas. The Mossman Mill also played a big role considering that the company almost found itself o the brink of closing. It has contributed a lot to the employment as well as the revenue of the Douglas Local Government Area.

Julia Leu, the current mayor of Douglas Shire, said that they are happy with the presented figures which is why they offer their full support for the cane growers in the region who are doing everything they can in order to save Mossman Mill which is about to be shut down before they can perform the necessary transformation.

A local business such as this has benefited other businesses in the area including Cairns to Port Douglas shuttle operators because the money it injects into the economy impacts everyone in the state.