Motherboard Designed For Mining Introduced By Gigabyte

Before you go all out and by an ATX motherboard thinking you might try your hand in mining, there is a new motherboard being developed that might be better suited for the purpose of mining. This new product was introduced by Gigabyte during the CES 2018. The product is yet to be released in the market which explains why the company is not yet ready to talk about this new component during the event. This changed when the company made an official announcement regarding a board they are developing intended to be used for mining cryptocurrency. The motherboard model is called B250-Fintech.

Manufacturers of motherboards admit the fact that they cannot run away from the hype of mining. These dedicated motherboards started appearing in the market after mining for Ethereum commenced. Companies offering mining motherboards are Biostar and Asus. There are also the ones that have been in the market since the start of the Bitcoin mining.

With the release of the B250-FinTech, Gigabyte is finally succumbing to the mining hype. Their motherboard boasts of 12 slots for PCI-e, power circuitry developed around PCI-e as well as other convenient features required when mining.

Looking at the chipset, the B250 is considered to the cheapest offering of Intel from their 200 range. It is compatible with LGA 1151 CPUs’ seventh generation, Kaby Lake, as well as the sixth generation, which is the Skylake. There are four slots for the DDR4 which have dual channel. The form factor of the motherboard is the same as the ATX but the width is smaller which reduces the expansion slots to only seven.

Gigabyte is going to release the motherboard along with a package of useful accessories needed for mining. There is a splitter cable with 24 pins, which will make it possible for the motherboard to power three PSUs at the same time. If you are not going to mine, the ATX motherboard will suffice but if you are planning to try your hand in mining then it is definitely worth considering to buy the B250 instead. The downside is that you might have to wait a while because Gigabyte is yet to release it in the market and the price is still unknown.