MPs Believe Green Initiative Left Many Homes In The Cold

MPs along with campaigners are now in a heated situation with the ministers as the former is accusing the latter that it is the reason why many households are now left in the cold without any heating to turn to. This is after recent figures revealed that installations of boilers as well as insulation has reached its lowest levels ever since the flagship energy efficiency plan of the government was implemented six years ago. The figures are supported by companies providing boiler repairs in York as they are seeing fewer new customers in the last few years.

Fuel poverty campaigners believed that the reduction in number is due to the delays that were happening with the legislation which also happened at the same time when households were impacted by increase in energy prices.

For the last quarter of last year, there were only 2,557 boiler installations which is 97 per cent lower compared to the same period five years ago. This is the same when the Energy Company Obligation plan by the government was launched.

The plan resulted to sudden and considerable decline in the number of insulation which makes it possible for suppliers of gas and electricity to utilize the energy bill levies to improve the home efficiencies along with those under the fuel poverty category.

Government data revealed that for the last quarter of 2018, the installations went down to 6,461 which is 98 per cent lower compared to the same period eight years ago.

National Energy Action, the charity serving those in fuel poverty, said that government is standing by as the chronic public health crisis is happening in the country. This is because of the link that exists between the number of early deaths and the cold homes.

The chief executive officer of NEA, Adam Scorer, said that installation continues to plummet despite the fact that it can help save lives, money and carbon along the way. They are not surprised if those who are in need will have to turn to boiler repairs in York in order for them to survive since the government is not doing their job in saving the lives of those who can’t afford them.