New Condos For Sale Vs. Old Condos: A Buyer’s Guide

There are several considerations to check if you are buying condos for sale Bangkok. One of the major considerations would be your budget. Even if you have ample financial resources, for sure you would still want to ensure that you would be getting the best of your money’s worth. Two of the usual choices among condo buyers is, whether to buy a brand new condo unit or an old one. Here’s a closer look at the two choices.

New Condo Units

Brand new condo units tend to be equipped with state-of-the- art facilities such as modern swimming pool and fitness centers including more reliable emergency facilities. The building’s design tends to be more architecturally updated with more energy-efficient piping, wirings and HVAC. This way, individual maintenance on utilities is lower and cost-effective. New condos are also generally designed to have bigger closets than the older versions of condos for sale Bangkok.

On the other hand, while the overall designs of condominiums are modern; its individual units tend to have common designs with lower ceilings of not more than 8 feet. Its walls are also generally thinner which could lead to disturbance and noise issues.

Old Condo Units

Old condo units have its share of positive attributes. One of which is its unique architectural details such as wooden floorboards and higher ceilings. They also come with thicker walls with more reliable structure compared to the newer types. With older condo units, they still had that certain level of luxury of space which is why unique features such as foyers can still be found in the buildings.

On the downside, old condos for sale Bangkok tend to have less reliable and less efficient wirings, piping and HVAC which could have an impact on your utility bills. They also come with smaller closets unlike bigger closets offered by newer condos and their facilities are undeniably less articulate and impressive than the newer versions. The one good thing about old condos is that their facilities such as wirings are already established and tested so you would have to worry less about faulty wirings and such.