New Courier Landed Partnership With eBay

There are a lot new startups coming out such as courier companies in Melbourne which targets the rise of the online shopping industry. In Sydney, there is a new courier startup called Sendle and it has grown its name as one of the challenger in package delivery that caters to small business located in Australia. The company announced that they have come up with a business agreement with eBay, one of the leading online marketplace.

The partnership deal between the two companies has already been signed. According to the deal, the services of the two companies will be integrated which means sellers will be able to incorporate their eBay account with Sendle. Sendle offers door-to-door delivery of packages at a more affordable price.

It was only the beginning of this year that the company hired Apurva Chiranewala, the former head of shipping at eBay and was assigned to lead the growth of the company. After which, they began focusing on ecommerce retailers following their deal with ReadyToShip, a label business.

James Chin Moody is the CEO and founder of Sendle. He said that they signed an agreement with the business because it was supported by NRMA and they have been operational since November of 2014. They h,,,,ave already accomplished one billion kilometers of deliveries that are all carbon neutral. For the last two years, the company has been growing at a rate of 20 per cent every month.

Last year, Sendle was able to gather $5 million for their Series A funding and their growth is mostly attributed to the cash flow of the company.

Company received good news after winning the trademark dispute they have against Australia Post for the past two years. The dispute started with the slogan “Post without the office” which is used by Sendle and Australia Post claims that it is almost the same as theirs which could deceive consumers.

Despite the growing Australia post, the demand for courier companies in Melbourne and Sydney is increasing that alternatives are welcomed by the industry. Sendle is quite positive about the impact of their agreement with eBay is to their business.