New Startup Can Determine How Exciting a Website Is

There are now a billion web sites found online that some big brands are wondering how unique theirs is from the rest of the world. Many of these companies are conducting surveys and collecting feedbacks to know how exciting their website is. For those who are interested to know, human interaction is now unnecessary as there is a new startup that could help with this. The AI technology is called EyeQuant and developed by a company based in Berlin.

EyeQuant has the ability to teach software in order to look at designs either on the web or mobile device as if a human eye is looking. It will then be able to give a report on how exciting the website is when viewed by a human. The score which is called “Excitingness” can be viewed a few seconds after the software check. The results which were compared to user studies with hundreds of participants were found to be just as accurate. When the score is set to 0 it means that the design is very calm while 100 shows how exciting a design is to a human eye.

EyeQuant was founded last 2009 and was made out of a research conducted in the University of Osnabrueck and Caltech. The research was done by a group of visual neuroscientists in which Professor Dr Peter König and Stelzer are included.

Ever since the conception of the social web, Stelzer is known to be working in various startups which are concerned in business development. He was one of the responsible individual in launching the Outfoxed Project of Stan James last 2006. It was said to be the first software used for social search which then became Lijit Networks before its acquisition in 2011 by Federated Media Publishing.

From the start, the goal of Stelzer was for EyeQuant to get its funding from revenue. The model intended for businesses is called SaaS which has an annual free range that starts at $2,300.

Every product by EyeQuant is now equipped with software for determining the Excitingness scored and is now servicing their existing customers according to Stelzer.

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