New York City Launched Its Posh Public Bathroom

A park in New York City that is surrounded with skyscrapers has a new offering for its visitors, local and tourist alike, a fancy public bathroom. The estimated cost of the facility is said to be almost $300,000 and it features imported tiles, artwork, classical music as well as flowers which are freshly delivered daily. The fixtures used aresomething that one only sees on online bathroom furniture shop purchased by posh consumers and businesses.

The public bathroom is accessible to everyone and it is free of charge. The facility is equipped with an air conditioning unit. The inspiration was taken from the priciest hotels that can be found scattered all over New York City. According to park officials, it is expected that more than 1 million people will be accessing the facility within one year.

The bathroom launch was done before the month of April ends. The inaugural ribbon cutting was done by a park official while two of the bathroom attendants are holding the toilet tissue which serves as the ribbon. The high-tech public bathroom is located in the Beaux Arts building just at the back of the Manhattan’s New York Public Library. The toilet has a total land area of 310 square feet and is divided between bathrooms for men and women. It has been reopened after it has undergone a renovation that lasted for three months.

One would be surprised to see the interior of the public toilet because it is new to the eye and it is illuminated with LED technology. This is far from the usual public toilet that is not far and few but also grungy in appearance.

According to a tourist from Slovenia who had used the facility, the toilet is very clean and the flowers look lively. The walls and floors of the bathroom are covered with tiles imported from the countries of Italy and Spain. There are artworks made by residence painter, Bryant Park, hanged inside the facility.

The Bryant Park Corp. is responsible for the funding of the luxury public toilet with fixtures that can only be found on online bathroom furniture shop. The organization is non-profit and they are the ones managing the parks that are owned by the city. The organization aims to improve business located all over the neighborhood including Fifth Avenue.