NHS Dentists Worries About Decreasing Number Of Patients

Many of those who have minor problems with their pearly whites pays a visit to a cosmetic dentist but the worry of many NHS dentists is that those who have serious problems are not paying them a visit. Based on the latest data published, the last ten years have been the lowest in terms of number of patients accessing their service. In fact, only 50 per cent of the adults are visiting for their regular checkups.

Reports from NHS Digital revealed that in adult patients only 50.2 per cent have come back for their regular checks in the past two years. This is lower compared to the 52.5 per cent recorded in less than one year.

Adults living in London are found to have the lowest number with only 44 per cent visiting their NHS dentist in the last two years. Those who are based in North Western England have the highest number of visits with 55.7 per cent.

The numbers from the same statistics revealed that there is huge increase in the amount paid by patients who are getting dental treatments from the NHS. All in all, patients from 2018 to 201 paid a total of £855 million while the total amount for the year before is only £813 million.

General dental practice committee’s chairman under the British Dental Association, Dr. Dave Cottam, said that he is not surprised that the number of patients is decreasing. He further explained that it is a result of a system that lacks funding therefore the number of patients is also impacted. This is also one of the reasons why they are having problem recruiting.

In children, over four in every ten kids were not able to visit their NHS dentist in the last 12 months. This is slightly better compared to the previous record of 58.6 per cent which has increased to 59 per cent. Still NHS dentists including cosmetic dentist expressed their concern because the number is quite high despite the fact that every child has the right for free dental checkups from the NHS.