Nonprofits Dedicated In Helping Impoverished Kids By Gathering $200K

It has only been a year since the Southern California Children’s Endowment, a nonprofit organization, was granted their501c3 status. Despite being a startup, the organization got big ambition which is to earn $200,000 from donations before the year 2018 come to an end. Before their launch, they have invested in nonprofit web design to give people a chance to reach them through their website.

The members of the community in Long Beach established the nonprofit organization, SCCE, in 2015 with the goal of helping, educating, and protecting children all over Southern California that are hungry, poor and victims of abuse. According to the organization’s website, they provide direct assistance and they also have partnership with majority of the local organization in SoCal which are effective in what they do.

The charity was able to gather $110,000 and hopes to gather donations amounting to $200,000 before the year 2018 ends.Their legacy is not just to give donation once or to organize fundraising every now and then but they wanted to utilize a self-sustaining process with aim of continues growth.

An excerpt from the website states that they wish to fund school lunches for thousands of children without a time limit. What is more astonishing is their aim to accomplish it without putting in a single dollar thereafter. The organization hopes to create a charity that can support the needs of children when it comes to yearly school supplies, fund the professional fees of psychologist for victims of abuse and help whenever a local child is stuck in a critical situation.

Nick Worthington is one of the founding members as well as donors of SCCE. He is the grandson of Cal Worthington, the popular car dealer. He is currently Worthington Ford’s president which is based in Long Beach. In 2016, he was appointed as SCCE’s president.

Worthington shared that he started getting involved after talking with a few social workers in the area and heard of stories about local kids that are not supported and looking for services.

The organization is thankful to nonprofit web design companies because they help connect donors with nonprofit organizations that are trying to raise funds for a cause.