Online Retailing: A Boom In Africa

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Electronic retailing has several advantages and one of those is that people can access your business wherever they might be as long as they have internet connection. Online retailers in Africa have played a major role in fighting and preventing the deadly Ebola virus from spreading. Those remotely situated towns and villages can order online hygiene products and other medicines that will ward of Ebola.

In the populous country of Nigeria, people are scared of going out into the city streets, into pharmacies and malls to buy different products. This is due to the heightened alert given on the deadly Ebola virus evolving and may hit the West African countries. Citizens of Nigeria worry that they might rub off elbows with carriers of the disease in a crowded mall or market thus, the boom of online retailing.

In Nigeria, there is an epidemic growth of subscription to the internet and to electronic services. It is a country with 173 million people and in its capital city lives at least 10 million Nigerians. Online retailers have thrived in the African country battling poor roads when delivering in remote rural places. They also accept cash on delivery as some people are skeptical of paying online.

An electronic commerce site in Nigeria said that it has tripled its revenues since the first reported outbreak, July of last year. The most sellable products are the sanitation products which includes, bleach, hand wash and various cleaning agents.