Oppikoppi Festiva Cancelled For Security Reasons

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The OppiKoppi festival has been cancelled because criminals are targeting attendees. Festival organizers have issued a statement that the 25th annual festival has to be put on hold because the cost of increasing security for the attendees will make the ticket prices very expensive.

The 2018 event was ruined by pickpockets, petty theft and criminal activities. A range of items were stolen from camping chairs, cooling boxes, cell phones and valuables. Crime during last year’s festival was the worst.

Aside from the musicians and the festival goers, the economy of Northam in Limpopo was also seriously affected. Many people sell firewood, liquor and meat during the festival and they are devastated with its cancellation. Even supermarkets were disappointed because the annual festival provides a major boost to their annual turnover.

Local people from Northam are hired for the festival and trained in food safety. There are regulars who have worked with the festival for 3 to 4 years but sadly, this year, they won’t be working. Meanwhile, holding the festival is not just for financial gain because it can be the springboard to gain access to international festivals. 

This year, the festival will be re-designed and necessary improvements will be undertaken without increasing ticket prices. Service providers are prepared to help the festival organizers to ensure that the festival will push through next year. They want to assist in whatever way they can to make sure that the event will continue. Designers, promoters and other creative’s will be asked to join to strengthen the festival’s brand.

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