Immigrants Help In Filling The Gap As Trucking Industry Continue To Face Shortage Of Qualified Drivers

As demand for jobs for truck drivers continue to soar an all-time high, the industry increasingly depends on help from drivers from the rest of the world. This is visible in different long-haul stops for trucks where truck drivers spend their 8-hour break to shower, eat or sleep. The truck stops are filled with multi-national […]

Clean Schools Keeps Kids In The Classroom – Tips For Cleaning Schools Effectively

Schools provide a good hotspot for breeding influenza virus, or flu. So to keep the kids in and the virus out, schools must take sanitizing rather seriously. A clean school promotes an excellent environment for education, and a higher success rate for students. Assessment Start with assessing the school grounds – which areas are always […]

Will The United States Continue To Dominate Asia Pacific Security?

Previous Asian order was based on the exchange of security for free trade. China’s market economy rose with the demise of Soviet Union. Now the Asia-Pacific order is on an evolutionary phase. The hierarchy of countries is split between security that is still dominated by the United States and economic order which is overtaken by […]