Parents Enrolling Their Kids To Well-Known Schools

The most recent result from a Bangkok Poll revealed that majority of parents in Thailand take into consideration the popularity of the school before they decide where to enroll their kids. This decision making is done prior to the kids taking an entrance exam to a school accepting Mathayon 1 also known as Grade 7. There are many popular schools in Bangkok including international school in Bangkok and therefore parents have a lot of options to choose from.

According to the pollsters who were employed by the Bangkok University Research Centre, there are 1,085 participants for the survey. These participants have kids that took the most recent entrance exams for Mathayom 1. These are from schools within Bangkok as well as its surrounding provinces.

The Office of the Basic Education Commission said that they have already published the results from the Mathayon 1 exam.

The poll showed that 65.3 per cent of the participants consider various factors when choosing a school for their kids and one of the top priorities of the popularity of the institution. Aside from this factor, 63.7 per cent that they choose based on how convenient it is to travel from their house to the school and vice-versa. On the other hand, 57.7 per cent take into account the teaching system of the school while 43.7 per cent considers the school their kids want to enroll in. During the poll, the participants have the option to choose one or more answers applicable to them.

They were also asked regarding the preparation they did before the kids were sent to take the exam. According to 57.2 per cent of the parents, they acquired books for tutorial and test exercises so the kids can practice. The same percentage said they also enrolled their kids in tutorial courses that are intended for Prathom 4 or equivalent to Grade 4 while 56.2 per cent choose to enroll in Prathom 6 courses or Grade 6.

For parents who are not worried about school fees, international school in Bangkok is a top choice because of the teaching standards.