Patterns Emerge In The Way Addicts Try To Excuse Themselves Of Wrongdoings?

Harvey Weinstein has probably topped the list with the most number of public allegations made against him for sexual harassment, in a short period of time. Multiple eminent personalities for the movie making industry have accused him of sexual harassment and rape, and thus he has been charged with multiple counts of criminal charges where most of these cases have no statute of limitations. The result of these allegations include his wife leaving him out of spite, the Academy of Filmmakers expelling him from their prestigious community, his company firing him, and the ire of millions of women around the world who used the #MeToo tag.

But reports have come in that he has sent multiple emails to his fellow agents, employees and co-workers, and a word that he has commonly used is “therapy”. But for a man who has been up to such predatory ways over the past few decades, is it safe to say that even the best rehab centers will cure him? Sexual therapists argue that what Mr.Weinstein faces is not sexual addiction, but is rather a more elevated form called sexual predatory behavior. His use of the word “therapy” implies that he is in medical or psychological care and that he is trying to cure himself. This would also imply that it was not he who was up to these wrong-doings, but rather that he was taken over by demonic vices that got the better of him. Coincidentally, there are other men who do the same, such as Anthony Weiner and Bill O’Reilly who allege that the wrongdoings were due to mental stress and that they were not themselves when performing their vile acts.

The act of calling Harvey Weinstein a sex addict has actually enraged people on Twitter, who claim that calling him a sex addict for committing these crimes would imply a reason for the mental torture he has inflicted on so many individuals. Even the best rehab clinics in the world would not be able to cure him unless he makes solid efforts to get himself checked. With his sexual predatory behavior being targeted mainly towards young up and coming female actors of the era, this is surely a battle where he is destined to lose.